Base FM’s Edgar Mahon (aka Eddie Numbers) at Splore 2012

baseFMHeading in to Splore 2012 I was agitated and restless like a child the night before Christmas. But before I knew it I was in the thick of the rat race, lining up for a car search with high vis’ vests and volunteers sending us this way and that. I was in the organised confusion that is festival life; a tent was my rent, my phone was dead, feeling the warmth of the summer sun on my skin.

In the late afternoon I was chest deep in the Pacific Ocean watching The Yoots from side of stage and singing along to Waiatas that schools up and down NZ have us singing at school assembly. I’ve been to a few festivals in my short life, but I’ve never felt the surreal magic that was surrounding the anticipation of Erykah Badu’s performance, set to take place at 8.30pm. Rumours of her not playing in the rain aside, it was like we were in the eye of the storm as Badu performed to a hypnotised crowd. Proof that she was holding the weather in the palm of her hand came when the heavens above opened with a down pour during her encore performance of ‘Bag Lady’.

Day two and I was sitting on the beach along with the washed-up hang-overs and beach bodies. But situated near the DJ stage the music was travelling nicely to where I was seated. Then it was back to the main stage for Eno, Funkommunity and @Peace. Nodding my head on the hill made me think how its bands like these that make you proud to be a Kiwi!

Splore Stories - Edgar and Jazz

Jazz and Edgar

Later that night I was off to the lagoon to watch art installations. And even though my eyes were closing and my feet where sore, I managed to squeeze in two more acts before I passed out in my tiny tent – QBert and Reeps One were a mind-blowing act, as well as NZ’s own alphabet head in the DJ tent.

Day three for me was an early rise and a quick pack-down leaving Splore behind at 8.30am. With 8,000 different stories from the festival, this is just mine.

By Edgar Mahon aka Eddie Numbers

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